Friday, April 29, 2011

Ten Things: YA Princess Books

With the Royal Wedding date now upon us, here are 1o awesome books about royals. I must say the wedding was beautiful. Catherine's dress was amazing. She looked GORGEOUS and so happy. I loved all the looks and smiles between Prince William and Catherine. I also adored the moments I saw of Prince Harry and also Pippa. I loved the kisses on the balcony, but I do think they could have been a bit longer.

As I'm addicted to Princess stories, two years ago for Nanowrimo, I started a Princess story of my own. It contains a royal quest, a very important book, and dragons.

Here's the prologue: (Sorry about the formatting, I've struggled with it all morning, and this seems to be the default setting)

My parents were sure I was going to be a boy. They were completely dumbfounded when the midwife uttered those fateful words, “It’s a girl!” My father paled, “Are you sure?” “Yes, Sir, I’m sure.” She handed me to the Queen and stepped back, unsure of what to do in this situation. She didn’t want anyone blaming the messenger for bad news. The Queen cuddled me to her, whispering in my ear lovingly. “A girl….what will we call her?” my father sputtered. “Raphaela,” whispered my mother. She reached out and grabbed my father’s arm. “We’ll just add an A to the name. Look at our daughter, isn’t she beautiful?” He looked at me for the first time. “She’s so tiny, but beautiful, just like her mother.” “Then she’ll have you wrapped around her finger in no time.” He leaned forward to kiss her head musing, “I wonder what the people will think.” He sighed, the tender moment gone, the King in charge. “Let the councilor in.” The midwife dropped a curtsy and opened the door. Councilman Emrick rushed in, “Well?” “Councilman Emrick meet the new heir, my daughter Raphaela.” Councilman Emrick looked shaken. “A girl! Are you crazy? Sir, there hasn’t been a female heir in our history since…well you know.” “Councilman Emrick, I know, but look at her. She’ll make an excellent queen one day.” Councilman Emrick couldn’t help thinking that the King was wrong, the people would revolt. He bowed out of the room murmuring that he’d make sure everything was ready for the celebration of the new heir. The queen frowned, “Was that wise dear?” "What?” “Telling Councilman Emrick that your daughter will rule?” “Why ever not?” “You know as well as I do, darling, that she’s forbidden to rule.” “Clearly that law will have to be changed.”

Now for the books:
Princess Diaries: One of the reasons I became a teen librarian - what a fun entertaining series. I love Mia and Michael.

Graceling: I loved this book for the strength of Katsa, her courage, her determination, and her honor. Plus it's an amazing love story.

Forgive My Fins: I LOVED this tale (and the sequel, which is also amazing is due out in June!) Lily's a mermaid princess in the water, but on land, she's just another girl in high school. Read my review and book trailer

Princess for Hire
: A super fun read! I Love how Desi goes against policy and accidentally changes the lives of the real Princesses. Can't wait to read the next book - Royal Treatment. Read my review

Nobody's Princess
: A great historical fiction about Helen of Troy. I love how Helen would rather learn how to fight than sew - my kind of heroine.

Seer and the Sword: I loved the magical turn of this book and the deadly plots and double crossings.

Princess of the Midnight Ball: A fairy tale retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. A beautiful story and a Fantastic cover!!
Read my review:

Aurelia: I loved this book about a Princess with a deadly enemy. Her life is in danger and a young spy comes to flush out the person responsible for the attacks. The sequel Exile is just out now.
Read my review

Dragonfly: I LOVED this book - it was simply beautiful. Princess Taoshira and Prince Ramil become betrothed for the purposes of an alliance. Neither are interested in the marriage. However, before the ceremony takes place, they are both kidnapped.

Dealing with Dragons: I loved how different Cimorene is and how she refuses to be proper and runs away out of sheer boredom to live with a dragon.
View my Book Trailer

What books do you love involving royals?


LM Preston said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm hooked on princess stories too!

Maya said...

I LOVED Dealing With Dragons, I've read it a million times. I'm adding the rest of these to my list of books to read over the summer. Thanks! :)

Jessica said...

Great list! I still need to read "Dragonfly" at some point.

Unknown said...

i would suggest the selection series by kiera cass. It's all amazing :D

Unknown said...

I love the story you wrote I was looking for a book like that!