Thursday, December 2, 2021

Holiday Book Review: Celebration at Christmas Cove


Celeste volunteers for the travel assignments at Christmas - especially after her mother died. Christmas is too painful for her. Plus, no one else wants to travel. Taking the assignment makes her look good. But the flight is overbooked - causing her travel difficulties. The best she can do is hop a small plane to Sea Spray Island and from there catch a flight to New York City.

But the weather grounds her on the island. Luckily her fellow passenger's sister owns an inn. Nathan takes Celeste to the inn. Nathan just received word that his last ditch effort at funding the community center through a grant fell through. He doesn't know how to tell the community or his daughter. The best he can hope for is to give his daughter one last magical Christmas on the island. 

The more time Nathan and Celeste spend together, the more they enjoy each other's company. Could this connection between them be real? 
My Thoughts: This is a charming start to a new series. I loved life on the island - the small town charm, the quirky people, and the children. I felt badly for Nathan and for Celeste for their past heartbreaks but also their current struggles. The travel delays were comical. Abigail was adorable - funny, smart, and she made me laugh. I loved the community center and the smiles it brought everyone. Their programs sounded amazing. I loved all the Christmas celebrations! Looking forward to reading more in this series.

Source: Netgally
Cover Thoughts: Cute
Library Recommendations: Grab this for your romance collection and hand out to your Hallmark movie loving readers!

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