Sunday, December 5, 2021

Holiday Movies (2)

Just a few Christmas movies I've watched this year:

A Castle for Christmas (Netflix) is about an author who gets into hot water with her fans after killing off a beloved character. She travels to Scotland to find the castle her father told stories about. When she learns the castle's for sale, she decides to buy it. But the Scottish Duke doesn't want to sell, even though he can't afford to keep the castle.

This one was super cute AND written by YA author Ally Carter. I loved the knitting group. I loved the banter between the heroine and the hero. And Drew Barrymore was a surprise!
Fun Fact: There was supposed to be a younger brother of the Duke. And he would have gotten his own movie for Valentine's Day.

This is a sequel from a movie several years ago based on a book from Sheila Roberts. This movie takes place 5 years later. Both the main characters have moved on (sort of) from each other and are making waves in their professional life. But when she comes home for Christmas - the chemistry is still there. 

The kittens in this movie are adorable. It was nice catching up with these characters and seeing how their lives have changed. 

Lara's mother convinces her to enter in a local Christmas contest where the winner earns money for their favorite charity. Lara's happy to learn she's secured a spot - until she learns that her ex-boyfriend also secured a spot. Ben broke her heart and she hasn't let go of her hurt feelings. The moments between them are full of banter and anger - until they begin to remember why they fell for each other.

I have mixed feelings about this one. I wasn't a huge fan of the hero. I did warm up to him by the end. I did enjoy the Christmas contest activities. And I loved Lara's team. 

Congressional Aide is sent over Christmas to an Air Force Base her boss wants to close. Erica's supposed to uncover a reason to close the base. But the more time she spends, the more she realizes that it would be a tragedy to close this base - especially with the celebration of Operation Christmas Drop.

This was a really interesting movie from last year - based on a real operation that's been happening since 1952. It's a heartwarming tale - and a fun movie. 

Having just been fired from their job, sisters Brooke and Margot travel to Ireland to find their relatives. During a castle tour, they overhear the owners mention their event planner for the party has backed out. Margot immediately volunteers them - giving them their formers boss's name as her sister's name. Things of course spiral out of control.

This was super fun - with the party planning, the scenery, and the moments between the sisters. Of course the truth comes out at the worst possible moment - but things have a way of working out. 

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