Saturday, December 11, 2021

Christmas Book Review: Dear Santa


Lindy's happy to have two weeks off from work for the holidays. She's eager to spend time in her hometown with her parents relaxing. It's been a tough year for her. Her mom notices immediately that there's something wrong. After Lindy spills the beans, her mother suggests she write a letter to Santa.

Lindy scoffs at the idea. But then her mother brings out all her old letters to Santa. And they remember how each one turned out. Lindy decides to write a heartfelt letter. And soon enough she runs into her best friend from childhood who moved away in elementary school. Coincidence? 
My Thoughts: This was a fun story that takes place mostly over two weeks. I loved the interactions between Lindy and Santa. And I loved how that all worked out. I really loved her reconnecting with her best friend from childhood. I loved the day in Leavenworth, it makes me want to visit. Another fun romance with sweet family moments and friendships.

Cover Thoughts: Charming, but there is no dog in the story
Source: My library
Library Recommendation: A must have book for your Christmas Romance Collection - so many patrons adore Debbie Macomber and look forward to her yearly Christmas books (myself included)

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