Friday, August 20, 2010

Review: Liberty Porter

Liberty Porter's father becomes the President of the United States today and Liberty's determined to become an amazing First Daughter. She knows that she's not perfect: she wiggles, she yawns, and most importantly she likes to have fun.

Liberty can't wait to check out her new digs, especially her new room -which has a slide. She immediately changes into PJs - her ultimate comfort clothes and heads out exploring.

She finds the best spot - the chocolate shop. She runs and slides on the wooden floors. Unfortunately, she also butts in on a press conference and answers questions about her father. She's just trying to fun the balance between fun and manners.

She spies a group of kids on tour, looking bored out of their minds. In order to fulfill her duties as the first daughter, she invited them to her room - which over course is against protocol. Will Liberty Porter find her balance without loosing herself?


Liberty Porter returns as she must attend her first day of school. There's all sorts of fabulous things about the White House, including the chef. However, that doesn't stop her Dad, the President, from making his annual first day of school pancakes. Liberty just wishes they didn't taste so bad.

She's a little nervous going to a new school where people know everything about her - or everything that's been in the media. She arrives early. Her fellow classmates rush into the room, stunned to see her. Some are excited, some are jealous, and some she already knows. Soon, Liberty's thrown into the deep end. Everyone wants to talk with her, but does everyone want to be her friend?

Liberty's figuring out to navigate through the waters of friendship with her trust bodyguard by her side.

My Thoughts: I really like this series, it's younger than I thought (because I didn't read much about the series, I just saw the author name and the covers and thought cool). Liberty Porter is a fun, fresh, and excited nine year old. I love her sense of adventure and her quirks. She's always seen as misbehaving, which is part of her charm. I seriously love SAM and his sense of loyalty and playfulness. The illustrations are super cute too.

The Cover: Very attractive!

Source: My Library (I bought them for the YA dept without realizing, but I'll be giving them to the Children's Dept.)

Fun Fact: I just saw a post on facebook from Julia DeVillers's site "Writing Liberty Porter book #3. She goes abroad (but she gets to fly Air Force One.)" - Sounds awesome. I can't wait to read more.

Readalike: Ally Finkle Series and for older readers: First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover by Mitali Perkins

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