Friday, August 20, 2010

Myersterious Saturday Review: Enola Holmes and the Bizzare Bouquets

(As this is the 3rd book in the series, there are some spoilers from the previous books)

Enola's still reeling from the close call with her brother. She knows she needs to create a new identity, but she's loathes to leave behind Ivy Meshle. She must also change her habits as her brother knows too much information.

Since she's been in his rooms last, she found a card with shop information and items she never expected to find. These items would greatest help her change her appearance and drastically. She hastily heads for the shop, where she meets the shop keeper - a strange woman.

Enloa learns of Dr. Watson's fate from the newspapers and she remembers him with fondness. She knows her brother Sherlock will do everything in his powers to help locate his partner. Still, she disguises herself and pays a call on Mrs. Watson.

While she's there, she spies a rather strange bouquet with a sinister meaning behind it. Half intrigued and half horrified, she desires to learn who sent the bouquet. Unfortunately Sherlock appears and she makes a hasty escape. Can she uncover the mysterious disappearance without blowing her disguise?

My Thoughts: Enola is so spunky and feisty! I absolutely love her. I love her going against her brilliant brother Sherlock to uncover mysteries. She works on an entirely different level with open eyes to both logical ideas and the female clues that her brother so often overlooks.

The Cover: Dark and Mysterious

Source: My Library

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