Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review: Stolen Kisses, Secrets, and Lies (Mob Princess #2)

Kate Blessing's life used to be perfect with her strong family connection, her wealth and status, and her best friends. Now, her family's falling apart. Her mother left her father and she's not planning on coming back anytime soon.

Her father's a mess. As head of the mob, he's under a lot of pressure. Kate's been covering for him with the business, but a Mob war is about to break out with a rival family. There are those in the family who don't think Kate's Dad has what it takes to lead anymore.

If her Dad's business goes under due a Mob war - her future could be in jeopardy.

Right now, her heart's in jeopardy. Her feelings swing towards a boy from the rival Mob - a boy her father forbade her to date. While she's trying to fall for another boy, he doesn't send chills down her spine.

Can she straighten her life out and get back to normal or will the Mob be her downfall?

My Thoughts: I knew I should have grabbed book 3 (Count Your Blessings) off the shelve - know I'm dying to know what happens next. Kate's a strong leader who wants to learn about business to become legit after college. However, that doesn't stop her form standing up to the Family when it matters nor taking control of her own family. I love the forbidden romance. Plus I'm partial to Mob stories ever since reading The Godfather.

The Cover: Cute - shows Kate being strong.

Source: My Library

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