Friday, August 20, 2010

Review: Player's Ruse

Fisk and Michael encounter Lady Rosamund in their journeys. She’s searching for the man she loves, but her Uncle (Michael’s father) refuses to allow her to marry. Hopelessly in love with her himself, Michael agrees to help her find Rudy – a traveling player.

Just as they’re arriving into the town where their information leads them to believe Rudy will be staying, they come across a fire. When they arrive and give word of the fire, they’re taken back out into the night, where they must show the sheriff and his men the exact location.

Wreckers have been making havoc on the ships and therefore the town. No one knows who’s behind the deeds, but if they don’t stop them the town will go to ruins. Michael wants to investigate the matter further.

When Rosamund finds her love, trouble follows her. When the bounty hunter attempting to take her back ends up murdered, the sheriff refuses to let Michael, Fisk, Rosamund, and the players leave town, as they’re witnesses to the wrecking and the murder. Resigned, Michael and Fisk join the players in their acts.

There’s something not right amongst the players as accidents keep happening. Are they really accidents or is
someone looking to cause trouble? Could these incidents be related to the wreckers, or does someone just
have a grudge against Michael?

My Thoughts: The third book in this series that's part
medieval and part mystery. Michael and Fisk seem like an unlikely pair, but their partnership works, as Michael tends to be softhearted, which often leads him into trouble, and Fisk’s streetwise skills save the boys often. Their adventures always contain action, danger, and the strength of brotherhood.

The Cover: It's different, but appealing

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