Tuesday, February 28, 2012

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Since this is such a huge factor in the lives of teens, I've put together a display at the library.

For online information, check out the site. Also Seventeen's participating.

It's labeled  Healthy Inspiration, NOT Thinspiration

The full display

Here are the book marks I created for the display - the front has a girl looking in the mirror and the back contains a book list

Close ups of the display:
 A Body Peace Treaty (signed up celebrities)

Close up of the sign - image from Proud2Bme

 Altered from the Seventeen site


Jessica said...

Very cool display, Jen...and an important one!

glad said...

Many teens aren’t aware about eating disorder that is why they are exposed to it without even knowing it. Like any other disorder there are signs that are needed to be observed before you can jump to conclusions but it is better to consult a professional. Eating disorder is dangerous to our health so I prefer that we should be aware of its existence.