Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: Getting Over Garrett Delaney

Sadie's in love with her best friend Garrett - and has been since they met two years ago. Now she's facing the idea of summer without him. It was supposed to be the summer he fell in love with her while they were at writing camp. Instead, she was rejected from the camp.

She bullies her way into a job at her favorite coffeehouse.  After a complete meltdown after answering one of Garrett's phone calls, she realizes that things have to change.

Sadie comes up with a plan to get over him for good. She's starts by purging her life of items from their past. She eventually discovers that she needs to find herself

My Thoughts: I really loved this book. 
I hated Garrett. He was so annoying in the beginning and horrible when he came back from camp. I wanted to smack him. 

The strong connections with the characters (either good or bad) really make the book come alive. I feel like I'm in the story, rooting for Sadie (especially when she's on the floor of the coffeehouse after her mini-meltdown.) Those connections are what makes reading for me. 
 I loved the coffeehouse and the employees there. I loved how Sadie reconnected with Kayla. I love how she explored fashion, pop culture fads, current movies, and sporting events to uncover her true feelings.

Cover Thoughts: I LOVE it. I love the book over her face and the general frustration/agony felt. 

Source: Netgalley

Random Thought: I think the cover looks like a Sarah Dessen novel and I think it's a perfect book to hand readers who love Sarah Dessen. It reminded me SO much of Truth About Forever (which is my favorite SD book)

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