Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: The Look of Love

* 2nd book in the Wedding Cake Mysteries - read my review of 

Piper's life isn't going as planned. When she receives an email asking her to create the wedding cake for Jillian Abernathy in LA, she jumps at the chance.

She's happy to spend a week at the elusive Elysium until she realizes that someone wants to stop Jillian from getting married. Someone wants her dead.

When she arrives at the spa, Piper hears rumors. There are guests not happy with the outcomes of the spa. Memories are reawakened.   Not long after she arrives, a guest is murdered in her private cottage.

 Danger is around every corner. Will Jillian be alive to make it to her big day?

My Thoughts: For my mysteries, I usually read cozies, but there are some authors/series I adore that isn't part of the cozy world. This is one of those series. I adore the multiple perspectives. The short chapters keep me turning the pages long after I should turn off my light at night. The huge cast of suspects always leaves me second guessing my own instincts on the murderer.  The twists and turns make me shake my head in amazement.  I loved this book. I loved the setting. I adore Piper. I'm interested to see where her relationship with Jack might go.  I can't wait to read more of this series! 

Cover Thoughts: LOVE it!

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