Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Adult Review: I've Got Your Number

Poppy Wyatt has lost her engagement ring. It's a family heirloom. She's devastated and panics. She can't tell her fiancee. As she's trying to sort out the nightmare, her phone's stolen from her hand.

Luckily she spies a phone in the trash. Without thinking, she takes it. After giving out the new number to the hotel where she lost her ring, the phone rings almost immediately. A man is on the other end expecting his personal assistant.

After bantering back and forth, Poppy convinces him to allow her to use the phone - just in case someone calls with information about her ring. In return she agrees to forward all his messages to him.

As she starts reading the messages, she begins to uncover information abut Sam.  The more she uncovers the more questions she has for him.  She finds him stubborn and cold in his replies.  Would he really mind if she sent out a message or two on his behalf?

Meanwhile, she's still hiding the fact that her ring's gone missing. She's trying get Magnus's parents to like her and to feel comfortable in their presence.  As the wedding date draws nearer, she must answer some tough questions about herself.

My Thoughts: I'm a huge Sophie Kinsella fan (One of these days I need to read the Madeline Wickham books too). I devoured this book. I laughed several times while eating lunch one day in the staff room and thus have convinced a fellow book lover to try out her books. I hated all of Poppy's friends. They were hideous.  Poppy reminded me a little bit of Becky - without the crazy spending, but with getting herself into trouble.  There were awkward moments, hilarious moments, and sweet moments.  I loved the conversations between Poppy and Sam.   A fabulous charming read.

Cover Thoughts: It's growing on me, but I'm not in love with it

Source: My Library

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