Monday, February 20, 2012

Adult Review: Dreaming of Mr. Darcy

At 31 Kay comes into some money. Knowing that her benefactress wants her to live her dreams, she quits her job and travels to Lyme Regis.  Once she's there, she falls in love with a bed and breakfast.

She purchases it on the spot - determined to live by the sea. Then she learns that a film company is in town filming the famous Persuasion. Kay adores Jane Austen. She's even been painting her version of Pride and Prejudice and she's calling it The Illustrated Darcy. Perhaps she will now focus her attention on Captain Wentworth.

When the film producer shows up on her doorstep asking if she has rooms ready, Kay is more than happy to oblige.  She's been fixing up the bed and breakfast in her spare time. It's not complete, but she's not about to turn down the opportunity to have actors and actresses stay with her.

Soon she's entangled with the actors/actresses - trying to play matchmaker, trying to be friends, and perhaps even trying to date the handsome movie start playing Captain Wentworth.  Would a movie star ever fall for a regular girl? Kay's happy enjoying her new life and daydreaming happily ever after endings to realize the hints dropping around her.

My Thoughts: As a Jane Austen addict, I was happy when this came into my library. I grabbed it and devoured it. I really loved the idea of Kay living in Lyme Regis and going after her dreams. I loved the filming crew coming to town and staying with her. Kay reminded me of Emma - getting  romantic entanglements mixed up. I found Adam (the screen writer) sweet. I found myself annoyed with Oli (Capt. Wentworth). I loved Adam's grandmother. All in all, a sweet fun story perfect for an afternoon. I passed the book on to my coworker who also loves Jane Austen. Plus now I need to read A Weekend with Mr. Darcy

Cover Thoughts: Cute! Love the village background

Source: My Library

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Claire Talbot said...

Ohhhh....I love Austen books, too. I will add this one to my growing "want to read" list. I just finished "Midnight in Austenland" by Shannon Hale. You might enjoy that one, too. I liked the first "Austenland" a littel better though. This one involves a mystery as well as a romance.