Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review: The Darlings in Love

*sequel to The Darlings Are Forever*

Natalya is afraid she messed things up with Colin for good - until she gets a text from him saying he saw her in the park.  After much consideration she responds. The two begin playing chess again. Natalya isn't sure if she's reading too much into his behavior, but she knows her feelings for him haven't changed. Could he be hiding something from her?

Jane's been convinced to act in a student directed performance - that Mark's directing. The subject matter woos her and she starts considering his offer. Her co-star wins her over. Before long, Jane can't wait to run lines with Simon. Could he be her first boyfriend?

Victoria can't believe that she's dating Jack. He's the perfect boyfriend. She loves the time they spend together - just the two of them. However, they hang out with his music friends quite a bit. Soon Victoria's realizing that they don't have anything in common. Can they still make their relationship work?

My Thoughts: I really like the friendship between these three girls. It's strong enough for them to tell the truth about their romantic relationships. It's strong enough to cover for each other when they're sneaking out with their boyfriends. It's strong enough to support each other when boys break their hearts. It's strong enough for them to just have each other. While this book tackles mostly romantic entanglements, I think the real relationship of this book is their friendship. I do hope there's more adventures for the Darlings.

Cover Thoughts: I really liked the cover for the first Darling book. This just seems generic to me. It's cute and all - but kind of boring

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