Friday, February 17, 2012

Review: The One that I Want

Gemma and her BFF Addison meet two boys at camp. They're working on their majorette skills while the boys practice football.  One boy is the quarterback and the other the team's kicker who never misses.

Gemma likes Max and it appears that he likes her too. She doesn't understand why he'd ask out her best friend instead of her. The more time she spends with him, the more she likes him.

She hopes he'll notice her as something more than a friend, but she doesn't want to betray her best friend. Is there a way for both of them to win?

My Thoughts: I really love Jennifer Echols, but this isn't my favorite book of hers. I couldn't stop reading because I wanted to find out what happened.

The friendships of the book bothered me. I hated Addison. She was horrible. I wasn't fond of Gemma at times either. Together they don't mix well. I know these relationships do exist - but it was hard to read about them.

I hated Carter.  I hated the relationship between Carter and Max.

I liked Max - he was quirky and amusing. He said random things that got him into trouble. I really liked the conversations between Max and Gemma. 

Books with cheating partners isn't for me - I have a hard time forgiving the characters even if they're cheating with the one they're meant to be with.  By cheating I mean falling for your best friend's guy.

Ultimately I did like it, but it was hard getting past a few issues. I know that teens will gobble this book up.

Cover Thoughts: LOVE it! I really like the heart in the O too - a nice touch. Although the model is Asian and it's a big part of the book.

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