Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Matinee: Real Steel

I showed this movie at the library earlier this week and it was pretty popular.

Usually I don't like boxing movies because I hate the blood and guts = however, this worked out well for me because there wasn't blood and guts. I didn't hide my eyes during the hits.

What I liked:
Hugh Jackman - I really like him. He's dreamy. I liked his character here - and how it changed. He made me laugh. I liked this boxing sequence

Evangeline Lilly - She was good although her part was small

Dakota Goyo - his son who plays a smart mouth kid. He had some great lines.  I loved him dancing with Atom. He also had some horrible lines.

Overall opinion:
It was a cheesy action movie. I happen to like cheesy action movies, but there were times when I rolled my eyes at some of the lines (especially a moment at the end). Still I enjoyed the movie and I those who came to the library to watch it did too!

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