Thursday, February 4, 2010

Review: Magic Under Glass

Ever since Nimira's mother died and her father gambled away their fortune, she's been singing and dancing for tiny wages. One night, her fortune changes when a gentleman watches her performance. While he offers her a job, she looks upon it as a chance for escape. Without hesitation, she takes him up on it. They travel to his estate where he informs her of his situation. He recently purchases an automaton and wishes her to sing with it. He briefly mentions that the automaton might be haunted as other girls have fled the house. Nimira's not sure what to think. The master of the house treats her as an almost equal. Nimira's not sure if he's flirting with her or not. When she hears rumors swirling about his wife, she's more confused than ever. While practice alone with the automaton, she discovers that the machine is holding a man trapped inside - thus creating the haunting effect. She quickly finds out a way to communicate with him. With each passing day, they grow closer, but danger sparks when some very powerful comes to visit and he also has a theory of about the automaton. Could Nimira lose everything she holds dear?

A wonderful debut novel that to me reads half regency (although it's not, but it does remind me of Jane Eyre) and half fantasy. Just a beautiful story, which continues in a sequel! There's been so much talk surrounding this cover, but I do want to say, however misguided, it's a beautifully eye-catching cover.

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