Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review: Waiting for You

Marisa and her BFF Sterling always attempt to reinvent themselves over the summer before starting school again. As they start up their sophomore year, Marisa hopes that finally her crush will notice her - except that he has a girlfriend. When the couple breaks up, Derek begins to pay attention to Marisa. Soon, they're a couple but her dream come true starts wrecking havoc on her relationship with Sterling. Plus, Derek's not entirely When Marisa gets paired up with her once friend Nash for science, she begins to blossom. She shares with him her secret troubles from last year, her fights with her best friend, and the family trouble happening at home. She loves hanging out with Nash, because he's safe. Is there something deeper between them that Marisa's not seeing and if so, will it ruin their friendship?

Book Thoughts: This is the first Susane Colasanti book I've read - after hearing her compared to Sarah Dessen. It was really cute and sweet and yes, it did remind me a Dessen book. I liked the friendship struggles - where a girl finds a boy and perhaps isn't always there for her friend - from the girl with the boy's point of view. I LOVED Nash from geek to potential hottie.

Cover thoughts: Cute scene from the book - Like it a lot!

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Kristin Rae said...

Thanks for the review! Sounds like something I'll read when I get my head out of these paranormals. Something refreshing!

prophecygirl said...

This sounds ace, and a Sarah Dessen likeness?! Sounds like a must-read!