Monday, February 1, 2010

Contest: Win My Soul to Save

Rachel Vincent:
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About the series:
Read the prequel My Soul to Lose

My Soul to Take: my review

My Soul to Save:
(my review)

Six weeks after Kaylee discovers her true identity, she and her boyfriend, Nash, attend a rock concert of a mega-star. Thanks to Tod, they're able to score backstage passes. While watching the performance from the wings, they view the lead singer collapse on stage. When Kaylee doesn't start singing, she believes the singer will survive. She is wrong. The singer dies without a soul. When Kaylee, Nash, and Tod talk with the oldest reaper in history, they learn she's coming back to take the opening act, Addison's, soul. Addison and Tod used to date. He convinces Kaylee and Nash to help save Addy's soul. When someone signs away their soul, there's a loophole - you can attempt to bargain with the hellions. Kaylee can't willingly let someone suffer for all eternity. Soon she's lying to her father, tricking Harmony into teaching her tricks to use in the Netherworld, and sneaking out to uncover answers. Before long, Addy's sister signs a contract. Now the problem deepens and it's a race against time to save two souls.

I adore these covers, they're flirty and soft, but show a strong female presence. My Soul to Save is the second book in the series and it's filled with danger, adventure, and romance. It's a perfect paranormal romance series.

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My Soul to Keep will be on the shelf June 1, 2010.*

Contest Rules:
*open to US residents Only*

contest ends Monday February 15th at Midnight
Three winners will win My Soul to Save

Leave a comment about your favorite type of paranormal books to read (witch, vampire, fairy/faerie, werewolf, or zombie)
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tetewa said...

My favorites are vampires and I've been looking forward to these reads!

ReggieWrites said...

I really can't decide between fallen angels and vamps!!!

iluvhersheys_andbooks said...

Oooh I really really want this book. And I love the covers of these books!!!

Anonymous said...

I love vampires. They get me every time, but I've heard such great things about this series I might be willing to change my mind. :-)

angel28140 (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

Thanks for the giveaway!
Lisa B.

Anonymous said...

I love vampire books. But lately I have been getting into werewolves and I am really enjoying them.. Right now I am reading the Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn and they are about werewolves..


Bethie said...

My favs are vampires, but angels are a close second.

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

donnas said...

I like and read them all. But my absolute favorite is vampires.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

inthehammockblog said...

Hmmm, I'm thinking Fairies but I might change my mind!! Thanks for hosting the contest, I'd love to enter!

inthehammockblog (at) gmail (dot) com

Debbie's World of Books said...

My favorites are vampires. dasuzuki at yahoo dot com

Emma Michaels said...

I love them all! But I would have to say something that break the normal routine. Which is part of why I LOVED My Soul To Take! Hope I can win My Soul To Save!

Emma Michaels

kalynnick said...

My favoirte type has to be werewolf.

kalynnick AT yahoo DOT com

Margay said...

All types of paranormals each have their own merit, but I like the ones that use different elements, ones that aren't as widespread (yet). I'm liking the stories about the fey and other mythical creatures (like banshees).



Anonymous said...

My favorites would have to be vampires and werewolves. Somehow, you can't have one without the other. Both are equally fascinating.

Cleoppa said...
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Cleoppa said...

I've always loved werewolves, yet they seem to be underrepresented :-(

remobec [at]

Marianna said...

My favorite PR are werewolves, but it is a really hard choice to make! I love any kind of fantasy or paranormal book!

patronus89013 at yahoo dot com