Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review: Stupid Cupid

Felicity scored a job - as a teen cupid. She has the power to create love matches by sending blank emails to the couple with potential. There are rule involved: each potential couple must have at least three points of common interests, don't hook up more than one person together, and above all learn from the matches that don't make it after the two week trial period. Felicity can't wait to test out her new powers. Soon she's juggling a green couple, juggling her best friend with three potential boyfriends, her arch rival with a creep, and a smart girl with a wise cracking guy. Will any of her matches survive?

A charming new trilogy filled with humor, disasters, friendship, and love that can't help but adore.

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* Book Two Flirting with Disaster comes out in March *

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Jessica said...

Ooh~This sounds cute....and I love the cover. Very eye catching.