Friday, February 19, 2010

Review: Rival Revenge (WITH spoilers)

Sasha's still reeling from the incident at her birthday party and the whole campus is buzzing about it. It's hard for her to be around Paige because Paige wants the truth. So instead, Sasha's riding me than ever and concentrating on her form - which is great because a video of practice will be going to the YENT board. Plus she's working hard on her academics, trying to study extra hard. She has no time for thinking things worked out differently with Eric, avoiding Jacob even though they have a school project together, and trying not to throw up every time she sees Callie. It hurts Sasha to know they can never be friends again. With all her activities and fights and avoiding people, Sasha doesn't really have any friends. When Heather steps up and acts friendly, Sasha knows her life looks really bad. Will things ever get better?

My Thoughts: The 7th book in this adorable addictive tween series still rocks out the drama, the friendships, the boys, and now revenge. If you haven't read this series yet, start off with Home Sweet Home and be happy that these books come out roughly every three months because it would be extremely hard to wait longer for the next installment.

Covers: All the covers in this series are amazing.

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