Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Author Signing: Ally Carter

On Saturday, I had an amazing time at RJ Juila's where I got to see two awesome authors.

When I got there, they started up a raffle for these wicked cool Heist Society glasses. I would have LOVED them, sadly they were not available for anyone not a teen girl. One librarian did "win" but they refused to give a pair to her, which I thought was wrong. Then Ally came on:

Here she is talking. She mentions:

She knew she wanted to be a write very early on.
She found inspiration in S.E. Hinton - who lived roughly an hour from her
She wrote two adult novels before changing to YA
She felt like she was coming home (best description ever!)
She talked about her daily routine and staying in her PJs
She mentioned how she finds a nugget and then creates a story
She did talk about the movie and how she's glad the characters will be older because that might mean they can snag a movie star instead of an unknown.

In truth, she was sweet, funny, and adorable.

Plus she embarrassed Jennifer Lynn Barnes who was there with her, who has a new book coming out June 8th! And it looks awesome :)

Sadly, there were no spoilers for GG4, nor for the next Heist Society book.

Here we are the two of us together!

I LOVE LOVE LOVED this book. Check out my review here if you missed it.


Jessica said...

Great pictures Jen! I was sad I couldn't make the event, oh well. Great synopis of her talk, though. Maybe she'll come around again for her next book tour...

Jessica said...
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