Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review: The Girl in the Park

Wendy and Rain used to be best friends but that seems ages ago.  Rain's shocked when Wendy's mom calls her looking for her daughter. Wendy didn't come home that night.

Rain saw her a party - just before she made a play for another girl's guy. They spoke briefly. Rain wishes they talked further when she hears the news.

Wendy's body is discovered in the park by a runner. She was strangled.

Now all anyone can talk about is her party girl ways. No one mentions her big heart. No one mentions her loyalty to her friends. Soon it's hard to untangle the rumors and the headlines from the truth.

Rain knows one thing: Someone stole Wendy's voice, so Rain will uncover the truth and use her voice to speak for Wendy.

My Thoughts: I couldn't stop turning the pages - I wanted to know what happened to Wendy. I wanted to discover more about her life. I love mysteries and this one kept me guessing until the end. I can't talk too much about my thoughts without spoiling the end - except to say that while it was clever, it wasn't the ending I'd hoped to read. I think teens will devour this mystery because of the rumors, the friendship drama, the boy drama, and the pull of loyalty.

Cover Thoughts: Haunting. At first I just saw the trees and then my eyes found the girl's face. I really like it.

Source: Random Buzzers

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