Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review: No Crystal Stair

Lewis Michaux isn’t sure where he belongs in the world.  As a boy, he’s angry and stubborn about the treatment of his people.  He questions the world around him - which sometimes gets him into trouble. After floundering for several years, he finally finds a purpose in life.  

He starts a very small bookstore with only 5 books, deciding to sell only books written by black authors for black people. His ideas are scoffed at, but he doesn't give up.

Years later, his bookstore becomes the hottest cultural spot in Harlem. Malcolm X, Langston Hughes, Zora Neal Hurston, James Baldwin, Muhammad Ali, and Louis Armstrong spend time in the store. It's the place everyone goes to learn and to share ideas.  

My Thoughts: I wish this bookstore was still in existence because I'd love to see it. I found this book enlightening, touching, and weeks later I was still thinking about it. It wasn't a book I'd ever pick up on my own, but I'm happy I read it. I loved the idea of learning your past to improve upon your future. I loved how books were so important in Michaux's eyes. I love how he shared them and his knowledge.

Cover Thoughts: Ok

Source: Reviewed for VOYA magazine.

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