Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tween Tuesday: Eruption

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**Conclusion of the Trilogy**

Chase, his father, the TV crew, Tomas, and Nicole head for Mexico after the hurricane.  During the hurricane that hit the east coast, an earthquake hit the west coast.

A volcano's about to erupt. Nicole's family and the circus animals are missing.  Tomas's family lives near the volcano. 

They make their way there and split up. Tomas, Chase, and Cindy head for the volcano and Tomas's family while the rest search for Nicole's family and the missing animals.  

The roads are gone. Landslides make traveling almost impossible - unless your John or Chase Master.  They travel through ash, cracks in the Earth, communication blackouts, and with a hungry tiger on the prowl. Will they find their loved ones?

My Thoughts: I loved this series for all the action, the danger, and the suspense. I liked the multiple perspectives in this one - including the tiger. I love Chase. I love John and his sense of adventure (which makes more sense when we uncover a little bit about his background)  A great ending for the trilogy.

Cover Thoughts: Great- really eye-catching!

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