Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: Cinnamon Roll Murder

*15th in the series*

A Jazz band comes into town during wintry weather.  As
Hannah and her sister drive to the inn to deliver the cinnamon rolls for the festivities, they come across an accident along the road.

They call for help, but they know the ambulances will have a hard time getting to the vehicles. So they decide to help out. They climb inside a van, which belongs to the band playing over the weekend. They discover the driver is dead, but everyone else only has minor injuries.

They travel to the hospital with the band to be useful. There, they find one the musicians dead - with scissors sticking out of his chest.

Hannah's glad to focus on a case instead of Norman's upcoming wedding.

My Thoughts: I love this series. I love the parts within the bakery and reading about all the goodies they have available. I love Lisa's big moment after a death. I just love the characters in this series.  I didn't' know that Mike and Norman were best friends. I just thought they were friendly.  I love the romance subplot - it's perfect. These books end similarly to the Stephanie Plum series - where you always want the next book immediately because of the romance cliff hangers.  A delicious addition to this wonderful series.

Cover Thoughts: Yummy!

Source: My Library

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