Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Matinee: Midnight in Paris

This movie made me long to go to Paris. The scenery was beautiful and charming.

I loved the time travel - which I didn't get from watching the trailers. While I knew several the people he met, I didn't know all of them (and I wished that I did). I loved the idea that you always wish to live in a different time - and you might not realize that your time is a golden age.  I would like to witness the Italian Renaissance or Jane Austen's England.

I hated her family, but they were amusing. Normally I love Rachel McAdams - but in this case, you were not meant to like her.  It was an interesting role for her and it worked nicely.

I love Owen Wilson. He was charming, funny, and a little lost.

This scene was amusing:

All in all, it was a charming movie, but not one that I would watch over and over again. 

Have you watched it? What were your impressions?


Danie said...

I haven't seen it yet, but how can you NOT like Rachel McAdams? It's hard to see her playing a role as anything other than the sweetheart.

...Well, I guess in Mean Girls she wasn't too nice, but everything she's been in since then she has been.

Jennifer Rummel said...

I know - it's such a different role for her and she plays it really well