Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: Clobbered by Camembert

Cheese Shop Mystery #3 - starting with The Long Quiche Goodbye and Lost and Fondue.

Charlotte's stretched thin with her shop setting up a booth at the town's Winter Wonderland.  While decorating the shop, she meets an old friend of her mother's.  Kaitlyn makes a remark about the accident that killer her parents and sets Charlotte down memory lane.

Before she can question the woman about it further, Charlotte learns of her death. It wasn't an accident. Kaitlyn had plans to move back to town and start a honeybee farm - one that would rival the farm of Rebecca's sweetheart.

When Ipo's blamed for the murder, Rebecca goes ballistic. She's making sure Charlotte leans no stone untouched in her investigation.

My Thoughts: I love the sleepy little town of Providence Ohio - it sounds amazing. I love the cheese shop. I love Matthew and the twins. I usually like Rebecca, but in this book I found her too pushy for my liking (even though she had good cause.) I liked the progress with Jordan. The love interest is heating up! A simply delightful series!

Cover Thoughts: Again - amazing. The covers for this series are perfect.

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