Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tween Tuesday Review: Keeping Secrets

Kate finds a summer job taking care of Holly. Holly's confined to a wheelchair after a car accident. There's nothing physically wrong with her, but she can't walk. Kate's job will be part companion and part nurse while Holly's mom works at the barn.

Kate hopes they won't have to go to the horse barn often. She has a secret history with horses. She's responsible for the death of the horse she used to ride. He was beautiful. Since the accident, she's turned her back on riding and horses.

She tells Holly and her mother that she's scared of horses, making it easier on herself. Holly and Kate rarely go to the horse barn. Holly, a former rider, misses horses and riding.

One day, Holly convinces Kate to watch the horses ride. When one of the riders gets hurt - Kate acts instinctively. Soon her secret is out. Will she be able to stay out of the horse world?

My Thoughts: A cute fun read centered on one girl's summer.  I loved the horse barn - the description of the horses made me want to go horse back riding. I loved the competition - especially the cross country competition. I hated Angela - the girl who must win blue ribbons to capture her mother's attention.  I liked Holly and her story. I'm anxious to see where that goes next. A fun tween read for girls who loves horses, friendship drama, and a dash of romance.

Cover Thoughts: Great! I love the horse jumping!

Source: from the author - thanks Maggie!

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