Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adult Review: Rainshadow Road

Lucy believes her relationship with her fiance Kevin is on track. It's not. He confesses that he's breaking off their engagement, he loves someone else, and then asks her to move out because her sister will be moving in.

Lucy is devastated. She and Alice have never had a great relationship, but she can't help but feeling betrayed. She moves in with her two friends while she looks for a place to live. Her life gets worse when she's in an accident while riding a bike.

She can't stay on her own with a broken leg. Her two friends (that ones that didn't stay with Kevin after their breakup) have crazy work lives and their inn isn't friendly to someone on crutches. Instead they ask a mutual friend Sam to take care of her.

Sam wouldn't mind getting to know Lucy better. However, taking care of her isn't what he had in mind. Still, it's not too long until he wishes things between them were different - that he was different.

My Thoughts: I love Friday Harbor. It's a sweet magical place. It sounds like the perfect place to live. I simply devoured this book and can't wait to read more about the characters.  I liked Zoe and Justine. I hated Alice and Kevin. I loved the brothers and their relationship. I adored Holly: she was sweet, sassy, and manipulative.  Sam was sweet and perfect. I loved reading about Lucy and her work. I found it fascinating. Rainshadow Road was amusing, dreamy, and above all romantic.

Cover Thoughts: Dreamy - it captures the book completely.

Source: my Library

Up Next:   Dream Lake out in August! Isn't the cover dreamy????

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Danie said...

This books looks really good! I'm going to have to add it to my TBR!