Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tween Tuesday Reivew: Dragon Spear

Creel's about to marry the Prince. She's devastated that her family of dragons isn't allowed in the kingdom and therefore won't be able to attend her wedding. As she doesn't need to plan the wedding this moment, she's happy enough to visit her dragon friends.

After a long journey, she and Luka reach their new island.  When she arrives, she learns that Velika, the Queen, is pregnant. Creel's excited for the future of dragons!

Unfortunately, not everyone shares her enthusiasm.  It's not long before Velika's kidnapped by her own kind and brought to a new location.

Shardas searches for her. They finally find her, but there are complications. Will the future of the dragon race be born in captivity, or will Creel be able to save the day once again?

My Thoughts: A great end to the trilogy. I love the dragons (especially Shardas) and I'm happy that Creel found a way to keep them in her life after the banishment of dragons from the kingdom. I love Creel for her strength, loyalty, determination, her creativity, and her sense of humor.

Cover Thoughts: Cool

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