Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: Spell Bound

*end of the trilogy - some spoilers of the previous books*

Sophie wakes up in a strange place with her life in danger. There she learns about her family history and it's secrets.

She was her family's hope for fighting the Casnoff witches but Sophie's magic has been stripped. She can feel it still fluttering in her, but she can't access her kick-butt powers. 

 When her life's in danger, magic swells in her. It takes her a moment to realize that Elodie's inhabited her body. Through Elodie's magic, she can defend herself, change her appearance, and talk through Sophie.

With a war coming, Sophie must decide to wade through all the half-truths, lies, and family drama to see the truth. She can't do much without her magic, but there is a way to retrieve it if she has the courage. Will she find a way to recover her magic and defend all whom she loves?

My Thoughts: I ADORED this trilogy!!! It has great action, danger, friendship drama, and amazing romance. I love Sophie. I love Jenna. I love the moments between them. I love the moments between Sophie and Archer. But I also like Cal. It's a great love triangle and hard to choose between the two.  I loved the ending. I can't wait to see what Rachel Hawkins writes next! She's on my instantly read list.

Cover Thoughts: Love them but they don't really match the book

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