Monday, March 26, 2012

Review: Touch of Power

Avry's a healer, with a price on her head. All healers have been wanted for capture since the plague hit.  As the healers couldn't save anyone from the plague, rumors swirled that the healers started the terrible disease.

Avry lives on the run, moving from city to city. If she stays in one place too long, she inevitably finds a sick child. Unable to help herself, she heals the child.  This time, before she can run, she's caught.

Just before she's about to hang, a man rescues her. Kerrick wants her to heal a Prince. Avry doesn't want to heal him, she's fighting Kerrick tooth and nail to release her. It's of no use. He and his band of men are too strong for her. She relents that she might heal him if Kerrick can convince her while they travel.

Kerrick's convinced that healing the Prince will bring peace to the land. Avry's not certain, but the more she learns about the land and the politics, the more scared she becomes for the future. Can she really be the one to save everything?

My Thoughts: I adore Maria V. Snyder. This new one reminded me a lot of Poison Study -which I also loved. I loved the tension between Avry and Kerrick. I loved the healing descriptions and the infirmaries. I loved Belen. I enjoyed Flea.  I liked learning about the plague and how it started. I liked the political drama and disputes. I loved Avry's soft heart, determination, strength, and wit. A wonderful start to a new series by one of my favorite authors.

Cover Thoughts: I don't like it

Source: Inter-library Loan

Up Next: Scent of Magic (coming 2013)

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Tara Fuller said...

Thisn one sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the great review! :)