Friday, October 28, 2011

Review: Immortal Beloved

Nastasya has lived forever or her century long life seems like forever. Lately, she’s been living like a spoilt celebrity with wild parties, crazy friends, and no consequences for her actions. Then one night, one act of cruelty combines with magic changes her life.

Freaked out, she runs from her world and goes into hiding. She remembers one woman’s offer for help years ago and seeks her out. Nastasya winds up at River’s Edge – a place for immortals to regain their humanity, to learn about the world, and to choose goodness.

At first Nastasya hates it. She hates the daily chores. She hates the schooling. She hates the positive outlook from the other immortals living there. Nastasya must stay until she comes to terms with her past. What turned her heart cold?

Soon, Nastasya realizes that not everyone has a positive outlook. Someone at River’s Edge really doesn’t like her and isn’t afraid to use dark magic on her.

Can Nastasya figure out her past and try to move forward with her life or will stay her spoilt charming self?

My Thoughts: It took me a little bit to get into the book, but soon I was hooked. I wanted to know about Nastasya’s past. I loved unraveling bits and pieces with her. I loved the forbidden romance. I loved the danger. I loved her sarcastic witty remarks. I loved how she tried to help others. So looking forward to reading Darkness Falls (out in early January)

Cover Thoughts: I love the circle - but the rest of the cover doesn't capture my interest.

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Stephsco said...

I have this book but haven't read it. Loved the premise. Thanks for sharing!