Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Matinee: Fast Five

I showed Fast Five at the library the other day on the big screen.

I had a bunch of teens show up - and one girl made arrangements to meet a boy there. They were in middle school and it was a "date".

The boys sat at the back of the room and the girls sat in the front. They were chatty and playful.

The movie was fun, we had a good time.

My husband convinced me to watch the previous movies (except for number 3) so we could watch this one together. I liked the action of the movies.

Things I liked:
The Rock

The action sequences:
The big three:
The last little bit in the credits makes me curious and excited for the next movie!

Things I didn't Like:
How things just didn't add up (I know it's not really supposed to add up, but it was worse than usual)

This one didn't have many car races. In fact they skipped one big race.

Final Verdict: FUN
It tried to be a cross between the other Fast and the Furious movies and Ocean's 11

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