Thursday, October 20, 2011

Adult Review: Cedar Cove Christmas

Mary Jo Wyse comes to Cedar Cove to the confront her baby's daddy. David claimed to be coming to Cedar Cover for Christmas. Mary Jo's three over-protective brothers want to burst into David's family house and call him out. Mary Jo sneaks away to warn the family.

When she arrives in the small town, she realizes that she has no idea where to start. She stops in a local cafe and the boy at the counter suggests she try the library after using the phone book proves no help. Mary Jo heads for the library where she meets Grace.

As soon as she spills her story, Grace knows what happened. She takes over, offering up the apartment in her barn for Mary Jo to stay the night. Mary Jo falls in the love with the town and it's people. She only hopes that she can stop her three brothers from making a mess out of her life because they seem to think they know what's best for her.

My Thoughts: I ADORE Christmas books. This one set in one of my favorite series. Most of the book takes place in one day. It was sweet, charming, and full of hope.

Cover Thoughts: Perfect

Source: my library

Challenge: a personal goal to read 10 Christmas Books this year

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