Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review: Diva Haunts the House

*5th book in the Domestic Diva series*

Sophie's in charge of a haunted house. Several students will be working with her for extra credit - including her teenage niece Jen. Annoyed at the attention the haunted house is receiving, Natasha creates a spooky setting for her Halloween party.

In the midst of her party decorations, Sophie finds a dead body. Then she spies a vampire cape swirling out and down the street. Did she see the killer?

With a group of teens constantly at her house, an old legend of a vampire, and a mysterious murderer -things have been tense at Sophie's house. She feels people following her. Someone left a creepy doll on her porch. Jen and her friends are wearing garlic necklaces to ward off any unwanted visitors.

Could someone tall dark and with fangs be after Sophie?

My Thoughts: A perfect Halloween addition to this fun series. I love the decoration tips before each chapter. I also loved the combination of vampire lore and Halloween festivities. A spooky, fun, entertaining read with a romance twist. I love this series!

Cover Thoughts: Adorable

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Linda Joy Singleton said...

This sounds so spooklicious! Great review!