Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I've been away for the first bit of the week at the NELA conference in Burlington, VT.

I went to presentations on teen programs, learned about folk and fairy tales, presented on blogging, heard the wonderful T.A. Barron speak, learned about the digital divide, and got some new ideas for displays.

If you didn't get to go to NELA, you can see the presentations/handouts here. My handout with various blogs is here. I know there were some programs I missed due to scheduling conflicts, so I'm happy to be able to look through the presentations myself.

I was nervous talking, but it turned out great. I LOVED meeting my co-bloggers
Leila Roy’s Bookshelves of Doom
Andrea Graham’s blog, 4YA
Josie Leavitt, one of the bloggers at ShelfTalker at Publishers Weekly

Here's a write up of our presentation. Sounds like we did pretty good!

A few pictures:

Here's T.A. Barron and myself:

Tom's website

The READ poster I made of T.A. Barron

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