Thursday, October 6, 2011

Adult Review: Witches of East End

A mother and two daughters have their world changed one summer. As a family of witches, this rarely happens. They've been living amongst the people for so long not using magic that they've become almost normal.

Still, something in the summer air makes them perform magic once again.

Freya becomes engaged, but is drawn to her fiance's brother. She uses her magic at her bar-tending job to help create love matches.

Ingrid, a librarian, uses her magic to help a friend become pregnant. Soon she starts helping women who stop by the library on her lunch hour.

Joanne uses her magic to entertain a delightful young boy. She also can bring people back from the dead and brings back a dear friend's husband.

When one girl disappears from the bar, one woman's husband hangs himself, and one man dies, the Beauchamp women appear to be in trouble both with the supernatural world and with the police. Are their powers causing trouble?

My Thoughts: I really liked the cross-over with the Blue Bloods series. I enjoyed watching favorite characters come into the novel. I had mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, I loved it. On the other hand, while I really wanted to like Frey, I hated her actions. It's just my personal taste, but I don't like characters who cheat on their partners. It made me put the book down for a bit. Upon picking it up again, I found myself turning the pages quickly engrossed in the novel. I adored seeing Ingrid at work - loved that she was a librarian. The book moved right along. I loved uncovering the relationships and the pasts of the Beauchamp women. I loved the mysterious happenings in town and how the three witches worked together to solve them. I'm quite looking forward to the next book in the series, which according to GoodReads - the title is The Serpent's Kiss.

Cover Thoughts: Interesting

Source: Hyperion

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Katie said...

cool that it had blue blood tie ins, that's exciting!!