Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review: Tragic Toppings

*5th book in the series*

Two people turn up missing in the small town of April Springs. Emily later turns up at Max's house (Suzanne's ex-husband). Her honorary uncle Tim, also can't be found. Until Suzanne and Grace find him hanging from a tree in the park next to Suzanne's house.

Suzanne can't believe that someone would murder Tim. He was so nice and helpful. Emily asks Suzanne to find out what happened to Tim. She doesn't hesitate is looking in his death with the help of her boyfriend, Grace, and George.

Someone wants her to back off and steals Suzanne's recipe book. It has ALL her donut recipes in it. While she can make some of her regular donuts from memory all her special donuts, trial and error donuts, and donut ideas could be lost forever. It almost makes her want to give up her store but not searching for the murderer.

My Thoughts: I crave donuts each time I read a book from this fantastic series. I love the small town life. The love the relationships between Grace and Suzanne, Suzanne and her mother, Jake and Suzanne, Suzanne and George, and Suzanne's mother and the police chief. With each charming book, Suzanne takes a delicious bite out of crime.

Cover Thoughts: I adore these covers. They've so cute and enticing.

Source: Purchased.

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