Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Books I'm Dying to Read: December Edition

Just a few books I can't wait to read!

Artemis the Loyal: The Goddess Girls have been excluded from the annual Olympic Games and they're not pleased. I Love this tween series - it's adorable. GoodReads

Winging It: Zoe's dragon shifting world collides with her human life.I really enjoyed Flying Blind. GoodReads

A King's Ransom: Amy, Dan, and the other Cahills must find an ancient map to ensure the lives of their loved ones. No one has seen the map in 500 years. I LOVE this series - I love seeing the cast of characters two years later and how their world has changed. GoodReads

Blood Sun: Max Gordon will uncover the secret surrounding the death of his mother...or die trying. I loved the two previous books in this series. Lots of action and lots of survival - both to the extreme. GoodReads
Catching Jordan - Jordan's the QB and captain of the football team. She's one of the guys. Then a new guy comes to town and threatens her starting position as well as her heart. This looks really good. GoodReads

Kiss Crush Collide: Leah can't stopping thinking about a boy - a boy who is NOT her boyfriend. This looks fun - I love the forbidden romance aspect. GoodReads
Why We Broke Up: Min gives her now ex-boyfriend a box of items that used to be significant. Sounds awesome - plus I'm curious to see Daniel Handler write for YA (I have a copy of this, but I haven't read it yet) GoodReads

Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers:Lucy's boyfriend breaks up with her at school the first day of the new year. She could get revenge on guys - if she hooks a guy and breaks his heart all within seven days. I couldn't put Wherever Nina Lies down! GoodReads
Every Other Day: Kali hunts demons - except that her powers work every other day, leaving her completely vulnerable at times. I ADORE this author. Her books are always hard to put down and I recommend to teens all the time. I'm super excited to read this one. GoodReads

Shattered Dreams: Trinity has visions - but when she dreams about her enemy and steps forward with her knowledge, people suspect her involvement in the plot. Sounds very good - great cover. GoodReads


GPL said...

I have several of the same books on my list, and will look at some others you have mentioned. I love your blog - I am also a Teen Librarian in Greece, NY>

GPL said...

I am going to put "Every Other Day" on my list to read. I am also a teen librarian in Greece, NY. I love your blog!

Jennifer Rummel said...

Thanks - SO glad you like my blog! :)

Bonnie @ A Backwards Story said...

I've been wanting to read CATCHING JORDAN since I saw the author's query letter used as an example of a good query!