Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Post

Last weekend, my husband and I attended the Jack O'Lantern Spooktacular at the Roger Williams Zoo. It's an impressive site with 5000 pumpkins carved and sculpted. There's tons of people, but it's a fun night.

This year, the pumpkins were darker and as a result, most of our pictures came out poorly.

Here's a few good ones:

a pirate

A howling wolf

The North Pole - where they had fake snow falling and a awesome Santa pumpkin
(that didn't come out right in our photos)

Harry Potter (using flash which we were not supposed to do)

A clock tower with rotating pumpkins - also with flash

A Castle

The Cat in the Fiddle

Celtic Pumpkin


Lots of Faces

Pumpkin Face Finale
Pumpkin Face Finale


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those pumpkins look amazing!!!

Jessica said...

This is really cool! They do this every year??? I'm gonna have to go next year. :)