Friday, October 21, 2011

Review: Epic Fail

Elise's mother just took a job at a prep school in LA. It's a school full of celebrity offspring. Elise's nervous about fitting in.

Her beautiful sister Juliana has no problem. In fact, by lunch on the first day, she's managed to snag Chase's attention. Chase is adorable and sweet. Unfortunately for Elise, he's also the best friend of Derek Edwards.

Derek is the son of Hollywood royalty. He hates talking about his family or their connections. He also doesn't seem to like Elise.

Elise doesn't understand Derek. One minute they're having a great time at a party and the next he's throwing out a boy who starts talking to her. Elise connects with Webster. She can't figure out why Derek loathes him.

Will Elise choose the wrong boy?

My Thoughts: I'm SUCH a sucker for Jane Austen re-telling, especially teen one. I loved how similar it is to Pride and Prejudice. The parents were strict - the mother the school Principle and therefore embarrassing. I loved how Derek was the son of very famous actors.Using Hollywood for the setting was awesome. There were the crazy celebrity stalker girls (Layla - the Lydia character) included. I loved that Chelsea (the Caroline character) had a best friend who was more along the lines of a frenemy. I adored the relationship between Elise and Juliana. I found Layla both annoying and amusing. All in all, a great re-telling that I read in one afternoon because I didn't want to put it down.

Cover Thoughts: It's cute, but doesn't seem to jive with the story

Source: My Library

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