Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tween Tuesday Review: Storm Runners The Surge

*2nd book in a trilogy*

Chase and his friends Nicole and Rashawn have reached shelter from the hurricane. But they aren't safe yet.

They're stuck in a barn - with an elephant about to give birth. The lights are powered by a generator which is nearly out of juice. There is no extra gas in the barn.

Chase and Nicole believe they can make it to the truck where Chase's Dad keeps his supplies. They set off in hopes of returning soon.

A leopard is on the loose. They soon discover the lions have escaped their cages. Treading carefully to avoid the animals and mother nature, they make their way towards the supplies.

Will they be able to gather the gas and return safely to the barn?

My Thoughts: Just like the first book in this trilogy - this book is addictive, fast-paced action and danger kept me turning the pages. A wonderful book about battling Mother Nature, quick thinking, and working together against all odds. The short chapters and the changing of perspectives make this impossible to put down!

Cover Thoughts: Captures the danger and intensity of the book. It's perfect,

Source: My Library

Storm Runners: The Explosion is due out in March

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