Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: Hexbound

Lily just learned the truth about her magical powers. She’s still having some trouble understanding them, not to mention controlling them. Still, evil doesn’t stop for a training period.

One night, on patrol, Lily, her BFF Scout, and others stumble upon a monster resembling a vampire. These monsters leave a massive slime trail. It’s not hard to discover the link from the monsters to the Reapers. The bigger question is why. Why are they creating monsters? What will they use them for?

While they begin to unravel the mystery, Lily gets help from an unexpected source – Sebastian. He helps her control her powers. He gives her clues to help their search and questions that she should be asking. Their relationship’s starting to heat up – despite the fact that Lily and Jason are becoming an item.

My Thoughts: I really like this series. I love the relationship between Lily and Scout. I love how Lily’s never satisfied with an answer and how she’s curious about everything. I love the magic, the danger, and the action.

Cover Thoughts: I love it! I love the color of magic lighting up the whole book

Source: Read for TeensReadToo

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