Monday, January 9, 2012

Review: Darker Still

Natalie's always been on the outskirts of society as she's deaf. People, including her father, can't talk to her. She's overjoyed when she meets Mrs. Evelyn Northe - a wealthy woman who knows sign-language.

She's on the verge of purchasing a very interesting painting - one that has the whole town talking. It's the portrait of Lord Denbury who's rumored to have committed suicide.

While looking at the painting, Natalie feels the painting watching her. She's sure she's imagining things, until the painting changes twice. Now she's curious and a little afraid.

Lord Denbury didn't commit suicide. He's stuck in the painting and he needs Natalie's help to break the curse. Natalie falls into the painting and discovers her voice, her determination, and a new chance at life.

My Thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved the connection between Lord Denbury and Natalie. I loved Natalie meeting Mrs. Evelyn Northe. I loved Natalie venturing out into society and trying to become friends with Maggie. I loved the creepy factor, the danger, the mystery, and the romance. And I love that it's just the beginning, there's more Gothic romance to follow!!

Cover Thoughts: Stunning!

Book: 2011 Debut YA

Source: My Library

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Book Soulmates said...

Not familiar with this book but the cover is full of pretty :)