Monday, January 16, 2012

Review: Kiss of Frost

*2nd book in series - read my review for Touch of Frost*

Gwen's still reeling from the attack in the library. She knows that Jasmine's family wants revenge. They don't care about the details surrounding her death - they still blame Gwen.

Gwen can't be sure, but she thinks that the person who tried to run her over on the street by her grandmother's house and the person who shot an arrow at her in the library might be taking their revenge.

Gwen's not able to confide in her teacher, only her best friend. When the school takes part in a Winter Carnival celebration weekend at a ski resort, Gwen's forced to tag along.

At first she hopes that the weekend will be a welcome distraction. She even met a cute boy. But strange things keep happening to her. Is it a coincidence or is she being targeted?

My Thoughts: I loved this new edition to this mythology series. I love the library and the collection (although the librarian isn't the nicest). I love Gram and her baked goodies. They make me want to bake my own goodies and gobble hers up too! I loved the village and the winter setting. I loved the moments between Logan and Gwen - Swoon! I love the combat scenes, the action, and all the danger.

Cover Thoughts: Great! I love the sword and the snowflakes

Source: My Library

Up Next: Dark Frost - out June 1st. I can't WAIT to read this one! And I love how the cover ties in to the end of the 2nd book!

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