Sunday, January 22, 2012

Adult Review: Goodnight Tweetheart

Abby's debut novel gained her instant fame. She hasn't been able to get past chapter five on her sophomore novel. Since she hasn't delivered her novel, her editor drops her from the list.

Abby's not sure what to do. When she gets an email from her publicist advising her to join twitter. There she "meets" Mark. Her shows her the twitter ropes.

Soon the two of them begin chatting almost daily. She learns that he's on sabbatical trying to write a novel -in Europe. They chat about their lives, pop culture, their fears, and what they are wearing.

After a few "dates", Abby's hooked. She's addicted to twitter and to Mark. She learns more about herself and her writer's block while talking with him. Then he drops the truth on her - he's not in Europe. He's not writing a book.

Abby doesn't know what to do, what to believe, or what to think. Can she untangle the web of lies he's told her and uncover the truth?

My Thoughts: I picked this book up on a whim. I had nothing to read for my lunch break because the book I'd been expecting to arrive didn't. I'm really glad it didn't! Most of this book is told in tweets - which makes for a fast addictive read. I LOVED the pop culture references - especially the Veronica Mars ones. I laughed several times over the tweet banter. I loved the idea of the twitter dates. A very cute story that I've already recommended to my co-worker.

Cover Thoughts: Cute

Source: My Library

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