Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes Fashion

I really love the color of this dress - it stands out so much!

Michelle Williams looks classy and comfortable.
I don't love the dress, but I love how she looks

Same here, for Mila Kunis, I'm not in the love with the dress itself, but she rocks it.

Kate W. always looks like old Hollywood Royalty

Love the Jane Austen inspired look of this dress

I really like this dress - she looks like a princess

Jane Lynch looks great in this dress

I really like this dress - but I think it would have popped more with a different color

Love this one!

Love the bold color and even though it's a simple dress, it looks great

I love this dress and she looked beautiful!

Loved this dress - she looks amazing

They looked great together - it;s hard to judge the men because they all look so similar, but George always looks dashing

The dog was so cute doing tricks

They look great!

I really like this one and I like the color

The picture doesn't do the color justice - I loved this purple dress


Loved the dress and her shoes - she looked great

What I didn't like: The feathery dresses, the fishtail dresses, and the muted colors

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