Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tween Tuesday Review: Double Feature

Payton and Emma have returned triumphant from New York City. They're both looking forward to things returning to normal when they're called into the guidance counselor's office.

They discover their names have been put forward to appear in a teen shampoo commercial. They leave for Hollywood the next morning.

Payton can't believe her good luck. It takes Emma a little while longer to get over missing the Geobee, but soon she's also excited about the trip.

When they get there, they realize there's more to shooting a commercial than they thought. First, one of them must have greasy hair and dress in comfortable clothes while the other dresses in cute clothes with shiny hair. Second, there are mean girls (including Ashlynn) in Hollywood who want to tear people down. Third, no one gets everything perfect while acting and sometimes taking directions proves too be difficult - especially when you're trying to pretend your someone else. Fourth, rumors are spread in Hollywood and in middle school.

Will Emma and Payton conquer Hollywood?

My Thoughts: The 4th book in this twin-tastic series is charming. I love the twins - and how they are both sisters and best friends. They stand up for each other. They support each other. They switch places to help each other. I loved their time in Hollywood- learning about the business, helping fellow actresses, meeting famous actors, and having the time of their lives. I love how the twins frustrate each other with their quirks. Just a fabulous series full of friendships, school issues, first crushes on boys, and drama.

Cover Thoughts: Adorable!

Source: My library

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